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Stadion Tactical Growth Fund Commentary April 2020

The quick turnaround for stocks from their drop into the fastest developing Bear market in U.S. history stands in stark contrast to every major economic indicator remaining in negative territory. There are a few possible reasons for this. Among them are the semi-renewed sense that the bottom has already been in and a sense that the quickly established federal stimulus and protective programs now in place will sustain the economy until a full reopening can occur.

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Stadion Tactical Defensive Fund Commentary April 2020

Amid all the market uncertainty regarding poor U.S. economic data, oil’s rapid collapse, and the continuing fear of the Coronavirus pandemic markets rallied to the start of a new bull market. The April rally was supported by the Federal Reserve’s decision to provide much needed support and the optimism of the U.S. reopening for business soon.

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Stadion Tactical Growth Fund Commentary March 2020

March proved to be a terrible month for global equities as the Coronavirus Pandemic crippled markets. As fears of a recession spread among investors, U.S. markets slid into a Bear Market at the fastest pace in U.S. stock history. The U.S. economy suffered mightily as business across the country had to stop operations, some temporarily and others permanently, due to most of the nation experiencing shelter-in-place conditions. Initial jobless claims hit a historic high on March 27 reporting 3.28 million first-time filers.

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Stadion Tactical Defensive Fund Commentary March 2020

The month of March was atrocious for global equities as the Coronavirus Pandemic crippled markets. In the U.S., markets experienced the quickest Bear Market in U.S. stock history as the fear of an economic recession worried investors. The Coronavirus took its toll on the U.S. economy, too, as businesses which were unable to remain open due to quarantine conditions, had to shut down.

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Stadion Trilogy Alternative Return Fund Commentary March 2020

The fears of the Coronavirus Pandemic that started in February escalated in March and took a toll on equity markets as every major index quickly fell into Bear Market territory. Market volatility remained at historically high levels that we haven’t seen since 2008 as the CBOE Volatility Index averaged 57.75 points and peaked at 82.69 points. This type of market environment can be detrimental to a portfolio, but the Trilogy Fund was able to take advantage of this volatile price action as two of the 3 Trilogy buckets had positive performance in March.

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